Red Sea is a purpose-driven Executive Search and Talent Consultancy created to find and empower global leaders. We provide leadership to organisations and individuals tackling humanities greatest global challenges and find and empower the new generation of leaders for the future.

Founded as an independent consultant in 2009 by Tim Wingrove, Red Sea Consultancy Ltd was established to support INGOs and civil society.

In September 2018, 9 years since it was founded, Red Sea Executive Search is formally launched, with the Director in London and Operations in South Africa. After discussions with our client partner Oxfam International, the remit is to build an international search firm with purpose, locating Global South talent and driving leadership and change in leadership in Global Development.

We added consultants in the UK, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and continued to build our international search work including work at CEO and Board level for BOND, Oxfam International, Plan International and Foundations globally.

In 2020, we have added extra consultants in Europe, Asia, and Africa including staff from the United Nations. The mandate of the company is focussed across Global Development and Global Philanthropy across multiple sectors and aligned with the SDGs of the UN. The Red Sea Consultancy is formally launched in September 2020, bringing together our friends and partners to bring consulting solutions to our clients.